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"If you feel that obtaining an autopsy is too difficult (locating a pathologist in your area and making all the arrangements) -- Worry No More!" Call Us today!  We are a nationwide service.



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Autopsy Experts of America was established in 1973 and provides services in most states to individuals, hospitals, physicians, attorneys and government agencies. We can assist you promptly by calling our toll-free number at 1-800-343-2135.

Autopsy Experts of America provides prompt, courteous, and discreet services by board-certified or board-eligible pathologists and highly qualified technicians to perform autopsies and organ/tissue retrieval services.  Services are available for any valid reason.  Autopsies are performed for, (but not limited to) family medical history, cause of death, positive identification, observation of autopsies by other pathologists, independent autopsies for in-hospital or in-custody deaths, second opinion autopsies and retrieval and shipping of organs or tissue.*   Services also available for diagnosis of Asbestosis, Alzheimer's or black lung disease, and postmortem biopsies for DNA/HIV status, etc. * No fetal tissue retrieval.

All pathologists remain available for further consultations, services and testimony after the procedure if requested in civil or criminal legal matters.   Most Pathologists come to the Funeral Home or Hospital. Usually no need for shipping or transport.

Contact Information

Inquiries for information or services should be directed only to our toll-free telephone number at 1-800-343-2135.  Telephone is answered until 7:00pm, California time seven days a week.  Calls received after 7:00pm are returned beginning at 8:00am, California time seven days a week.   Cell 858.699.5919 Text Messages Preferred

Services Available in Most States. PayPal, Mastercard/VISA, AmX, and Discover Cards are accepted.  Call for free rolodex cards if desired.  

Autopsy Experts of America
Call Toll-Free: 800-343-2135
Text: 858-699-5919

Autopsy Experts of America.

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